I’ll be traveling most of the week and won’t be blogging. But, I wanted to make a quick update. I finished the third week of Couch to 5K yesterday. My workout was a 5 minute “brisk walk” follow by 2 reps of:

90 sec jog
90 sec walk
3 min jog
3 min walk
5 min warm down

Its pretty awesome feeling these workouts go from being borderline impossible the first day, to feeling at least okay on the third day. Which brings me to the topic of this post. Thursday is Thanksgiving and I wanted to spend some time discussing what I feel thankful for.

I’m thankful …
That I’m in a place where I can do C25K a month after ending treatment. So many people have much worse physical wounds from their treatments.
That I have such an amazing and selfless family.
For my job.
For my education.
For my amazing friends.
For my church family.
For the generosity of others.
For organizations like LIVESTRONG that advocate for cancer patients
For modern medicine.
For food (especially fresh foods since I had to abstain from them during treatment)
For hot showers.
For God’s love.
For modern appliances.
For being able to use a real razor.
For audiobooks.
For my car.
For modern technology in general (seriously, where would I be without my refrigerator?)
For the traveling I’ve done and will do.
For living in Austin, it’s a pretty awesome place.
For this blog.

Most of all I’m thankful to be alive, and that I have many many more Thanksgivings to be thankful for!


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