Family Portait

This is my third post in one week! Definitely a record. My morning started off a little rough, but quickly got better. One of the best parts about today was that we received a “family portrait” from the hospital today. The embryologist photographed a few parts of the process that created our four embryos. This is definitely something I’ll save for the baby books!



P.S. I seriously went dyslexic posting these pics. WordPress refused to upload them right side up, so I had to rotate all of them sideways in order for them to post properly. Enjoy.


One thought on “Family Portait

  1. Laura, normally I frown upon pictures posted of one’s unborn child. However, I must say, your future babies are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Good luck dearie! I’m praying for you and for your teeny-teeny-tiny people-to-be.

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