Answered Prayers

Thanks so much for the outpouring of love and support over the last couple of days. The blog’s impact so far has far exceeded my dreams. Yesterday was probably the most emotionally and physically draining day I’ve had throughout this experience so far, and being able to distract myself with the words of support that poured out of this blog and Facebook was a God send.

I had to go to the doctor’s office early yesterday morning for a chemo consultation and then (cringe) my bone marrow biopsy. This was the procedure I  dreaded most. Just hearing about it freaks people out, so I will spare you the full play by play. But let’s just say its not very pleasant at all. However, I will say that it probably wasn’t *quite* as bad as I anticipated. But its a mental game for sure. The anticipation drags on and on and on. First, there was already scheduled downtime between the chemo consultation and the biopsy so the drugs could kick in. Then, the doctor was running a few appointments behind due to a wreck on I-35 (big surprise), and once she was in my room it literally took 10 minutes for her and the oncology nurse to unwrap the drill and needles. Seriously. Is there not a more efficient way to do this? I will also say, I do not get why they don’t put people out for this. You’re literally in the regular doctors office, on the regular appointment table. I really put this procedure right up there with my bronchoscopy and fine needle biopsies, and I was on some nice intravenous drugs for those. With the bone marrow biopsy they usually only give someone a local on the hip where the drill goes in and call it a day. However, after observing my panicked state, the doctor and oncology nurse agreed to give me two atavins. They initially only gave me one, which 30 minutes later had zero effect on me. The second one made me pretty darn sleepy, but how much they really helped, I can’t really say.

I’m not ashamed to say that I completely lost it during the procedure. It had been an emotional roller coaster of a week, and having a drill in my hip just put me over the edge. Thankfully the oncology nurse plays a good mom and held my hand, stroked my hair and let me weep. For a little while. After a few moments I was sobbing too hard for the doctor to do her job and let’s just say no one in that room wanted to prolong the procedure unnecessarily. So we did several count to 10s while I got myself under control.

You might be wondering why an entry about a bone marrow biopsy has such a positive title. Right before the appointment I got very good news. First, yesterday morning Rene g-chatted the three words every Army wife cherishes, “I’m coming home.” My heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t able to talk to him much at all yesterday, because he was busy packing and I was busy getting drilled (that’s what she said.. heh heh.) But those three words were enough. He estimated he would be back in 4-5 days, so roughly the upcoming Monday or Tuesday. The second set of good news was from my doctor right before the bone marrow biopsy began. My pet scan results were back and my cancer is only in the one area in my chest we already knew about, which means I’m stage one! Hallelujah! My doctor told me that the stage one prognosis for my form of Hodgkin’s is a 98 percent 8-year survival rate. I cannot express to you the relief I felt. I pretty much had a brief horizontal dance party on the appointment table while I was being prepped, a short lived dance party due to the pending bone marrow extraction, but a dance party nonetheless.

After the biopsy is pretty much a blur. Although there was lots of excitement from everyone about the two great blessings we were given. I, however, mainly stayed in bed and slept. When I wasn’t sleeping I was mostly on the bed reading encouraging messages on Facebook and the blog. I got a few texts and phone calls as well. I couldn’t eat much yesterday, but now I’m feeling much better. I also squeeze in some TV time. Seriously: Did Shonda Rimes have to kill off you-know-who on Grey’s?

One of the gross parts of this procedure is I can’t bathe for two days due to this:


Attractive, yes?

Luckily I’ll be able to remove it and shower just in time for Rene to come home, because he told me this morning he’ll be home within the next 48 hours! This has far exceeded either of our wildest dreams. I cannot wait to have him back in my arms again.

Since its a weekend, I have a couple days reprieve before my tests start again, so I’m looking forward to making banners, getting the house ready for his return and actually spending time with him!

God is good!


12 thoughts on “Answered Prayers

  1. Laura, you are brave!! Love you. That’s definitely a tough procedure, and I would have been freaking out too.

  2. You’re a warrior, Laura!!! Love, you and so happy Rene will be home with you in just a few long hours! Love you!

  3. So happy Rene is coming home!! I was worrying about that FOR you. I kept asking Steven in a snarky tone, “They’re (the Army) is probably going to take their sweet time getting him home aren’t they!!” Don’t work too hard getting the house ready–I’m guessing that will be the last of his concerns, AND he’ll probably already think it’s spotless lol.

  4. Hey Laura, so sorry that you have to go through all of this (especially the bone marrow biopsy- I’ve often wondered why they don’t give you better drugs for that). Keep up your positive attitude though! I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Sending love and thoughts your way! You are so strong!!! It is truly an inspiration! Couldn’t be happier Rene’s home and will be there with you every step of the way.

  6. Hey Laura, What great news, I am so happy to hear Stg 1. We are all praying for in the Metro New Orleans region. I always feel the post op part of all procedures is the worse….. no bathing is such a drag….. Keep up the good spirits, you are going to win this battle…..

  7. Laura, first off I believe we are LONG overdue for Chinese food. Second, you are so much more of a rock star than I would have been. Anyway, so glad that Rene is coming home and I think I will be in Austin in late July so we can remedy the former! See you soon love! PS flesh wounds are sexy…

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